Lalonde - Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest

Papers providing theoretical or empirical advances in understanding and/or predicting consumer behavior are encouraged, as are papers on the management of marketing communications. Meta-analyses, state of the art literature reviews, and papers on emerging issues are also welcome. Hereafter is a non limitative list of topics of interest.

Issues in Marketing Communication Management Consumer Behavior Research
  • Enhancing brand equity
  • Assessing the effects of a communication campaign
  • Assessing the impact of affective responses to communications
  • Understanding how sales promotion works
  • Sales force and communication
  • Assessing the effects of sponsorship
  • Integrating marketing communications
  • Improving the marketing-customer communication process via the Internet
  • International communication programs
  • Values and beliefs
  • Attitude formation and change
  • Information search - Learning
  • Consumer information processing
  • Inference making - Categorization
  • Consideration set formation and change
  • Perceived risk
  • Involvement
  • Brand commitment/attachment
  • Motivation to process ads
  • Brand relationships
  • Individual, social and cultural variables influencing reactions to communications
  • Consumer media choice and behavior
  • Possessions and consumption
Some Specialized Domains and Areas
  • Artistic and cultural goods and services
  • Retail communication
  • Business to Business communication
  • Semiotics and marketing communications
  • Communication aspects of sales promotion
  • Children as consumers
  • Cultural aspects of consumption, consumer behavior and communications