The 2001 La Londe Conference

Chairpersons: Christian Derbaix (FUCAM, Mons)
Lynn R. Kahle (University of Oregon)
Coordinators: Dwight Merunka and Alain Strazzieri (Paul Cézanne University in Aix-Marseille)
Program and Proceedings Best Paper Award Papers Selected for the JBR Special Issue
The 2001 La Londe Conference - Program and Proceedings

Program and Proceedings

The 28th La Londe International Research Seminar in Marketing
Authors University Title
Session 1.1. Chair : Yves Evrard
Michel Laroche, Lefa Teng & Maria Kalamas Concordia University Testing model invariance in consumer brand decision making
Elizabeth Cowley University of New South Wales A range model of overall evaluation
Session 1.2. Chair : Claude Martin
Mohamed Saber Chtourou & Jean-Louis Chandon IAE Aix en Provence Effect of price information and promotion on click-through rates for internet banners
Monique Zollinger IAE Aix Tours
Pamela Kiecker & Deborah Cowles Virginia Commonwealth University Interpersonal communication and personal influence on the internet
Session  2.1. Chair : Pierre Valette-Florence
Mark A. P. Davies Heriot-Watt University Cross national measure validation of the material values scale: US and UK sample
Chris Manolis Quinnipiac University
Melvin Prince Southern Connecticut State University
Karen Brunsǿ, Joachim Scholderer & Klaus Grunert Aarhus School of Business Closing the gap between values and behaviour: a means-end theory of lifestyle
Session  2.2. Chair : Philippe Aurier
Michelle Bergada & Mohamed Jamil Hebali HEC Genève Attitudes toward internet and types of internet users: the example of the seniors
Marlene Morris Georgetown University The effects of individual differences on consumer trust in internet marketers
Session  3.1. Chair : Christian Derbaix
Marie-Christine Litchlé IAE Aix Lyon 3 The effects of an advertisement's color on the emotions evoked by the ad and attitude toward the ad: the moderating role of the optimal stimulation level
Curtis Haugtvedt Ohio State University Impact of English accents on advertising attitudes and purchase intentions: with emphasis on the effects of gender, involvement and country-of-origin
Session 3.2. Chair : Robert Peterson
David M. Boush & Lynn Kahle University of Oregon Evaluating online consumer discussions: from qualitative analysis to signal detection
Andreas Hemetsberger University of Innsbruck When consumers produce on the Internet: an inquiry into motivational sources of contribution to joint-innovation
Rik Pieters Tilburg University
Session 4.1. Chair : Michel Laroche
Philippe Aurier & Gilles N'Goala IAE Aix Montpellier 2 From consumption functions to global value: an integrative framework
Yves Evrard HEC Paris
Gilles Roehrich ESA, University Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble Consumer innovativeness: concepts and measurements
Session  4.2. Chair : Dwight Merunka
Arjun Chaudhuri Fairfield University How brand reputation affects the relationship of advertising and brand equity outcomes
Margaret C. Campbell University of Colorado, Boulder Brand familiarity and the onset of advertising wearout
Kevin Lane Keller Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Session  5.1. Chair : W. Fred Van Raaij
Elizabeth Cowley University of New South Wales Recognition confidence, recognition accurancy and choice
Robert E. Burnkrant & H. Rao Unnava The Ohio State University Resolving conflicting findings on the effects of self-referencing: the role of informativeness
Robert D. Jewell Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Session  5.2. Chair : Michael Belch
Woon Bong Na Silla University, Korea The anatomy of brand image
Roger Marshall Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Leif E. Hem SNF, Bergen Decomposed similarity and brand extensions: the role of brand personality, self-image congruity and intercategory relatedness
Nina M. Iversen & Kjell Grǿnhaug Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
Session  6.1. Chair : Ross Buck
Virginie De Barnier EDHEC Management School, Nice Influences on emotional response to commercials, attitude toward the ad (Aad) and attitude toward the brand (Ab) of different executional styles
Pierre Valette-Florence ESA, University Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble
June Cotte University of South Carolina Reacting to emotional ads: measurements and gender issues
Robin Coulter University of Connecticut
Session 6.2. Chair : Joseph Sirgy
Cristel Antonia Russell San Diego State University Persuasion in non-persuasive contexts: investigating the effectiveness of product placements in television shows
John W. Pracejus & G. Douglas Olsen University of Alberta The role of brand/cause fit in the effectiveness of cause-related marketing campaigns
Session  7.1. Chair : Lynn Kahle
María Sicilia & Salvador Ruiz University of Murcia The impact of cognitive and/or affective processing styles on consumer response to advertising appeals
Ross Buck University of Connecticut Emotion and reason in persuasion: applying the ARI model and the CASC scale
Session  7.2. Chair : Chris Janiszewski
Majorie Dijkstra & W. Fred van Raaij Tilburg University Media effects by involvement under voluntary exposure: a comparison of television, print and static internet
Paschalina Ziamou Baruch College, The City University Of New York Promoting consumer adoption for high-technology products: is more information always better?
S. Ratneshwar University of Connecticut
Session  8.1. Chair : Michelle Bergadaà
Richard Michon & Jean-Charles Chébat HEC Montréal Keeping your nose above the crowd: the moderating effect of ambient odors on mall shopping behaviour under multiple retail density levels
L.W. Turley Western Kentucky University
Session  8.2. Chair : Salvator Ruiz
Dan Padgett Tulane University Same ad, different story: consumer reading of storied ads
Michael S. Mulvey Rutgers University
Session  9.1. Chair : Robert Burnkrant
M. Joseph Sirgy Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University A research agenda for the real estate marketing researchers based on self-congruity theory
Chenting Su University of Victoria
Gianluigi Guido University of Lecce & University of Padua, Italy Consumers as products: how communication creates consumers and behaviors
Session 9.2. Chair : Jean-Louis Chandon
Nathalie Arts IAE Aix Lille 1 Impact of contextual versus individual factors on delayed purchase decision
Chris Janiszewski & Marcus V.M. da Cunha Jr. University of Florida The influence of price discount framing on the evaluation of a product bundle