2015 La Londe Conference - Conference Chairs


PROFESSOR Elizabeth Cowley
The University of Sydney Business School, AUSTRALIA

Professor of Marketing

The University of Sydney Business School
Sydney, Australia
Codrington Street, University of Sydney New South Wales

E-mail: elizabeth.cowley@sydney.edu.au

PROFESSOR Margaret Catherine Campbell
University of Colorato at Boulder, USA

Professor of Marketing

Leeds School of Business
The University of Colorato at Boulder
419 UCB
Boulder, CO, USA

E-mail: meg.campbell@colorado.edu

Elizabeth Cowley is a Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Sydney Business School. Elizabeth has an MBA from McGill University and a PhD from the University of Toronto.

Elizabeth’s research investigates memory, decision making, and deception. Her memory research focuses on motivated memory reconstruction which occurs when people distort their memory to justify their future behaviour. She also investigates how misleading information changes memory and affects consumer’s decisions.

More recently, she has focused on how and when consumers remember the lies they have told themselves, other consumers, and marketers. Elizabeth's research is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Advertising, and the Journal of Business Research.

She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Research and the International Journal of Research in Marketing, as well as being an OzReader for the Australian Research Council.

Margaret C. Campbell is professor of marketing at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder.

Professor Campbell received her A.B. in psychology and economics, with honors, at Stanford University, where she earned membership in Phi Beta Kappa. She later received her Ph.D. in marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She was a member of the faculty at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA from 1992-2000.

Professor Campbell is a member of the editorial review boards of the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. She has co-chaired conferences for the Association for Consumer Research and the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Professor Campbell’s research focuses on questions of consumer psychology. She examines social influence in the marketplace, how consumers interpret the marketplace, and how their interpretations influence their responses to companies and brands. Her research has been published in a variety of journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing Research, and the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Professor Campbell’s most recent publication, with Caleb Warren, asks, “what makes things cool?” This research examines what leads consumers to perceive brands and people, such as celebrities, as “cool.” This research proposes and provides strong empirical support that inferences of appropriate autonomy are crucial to perceptions of a brand as cool.

Another current area of research focuses on consumers’ goals and how environmental factors impact consumers’ interpretation of their goal pursuit. Her research shows that people (for adults) and characters (for kids) can influence consumers’ consumption behaviors. Additionally, her research examines potential biases that impact goal pursuit.